GWL/Power GWL Current Sensor -75A to +75A AC for LAN-MODULE

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LAN-MOD-CS709 is current sensor for LAN-MODULE version 2.0 Product. The biggest assets are wider current measuring range 75A, circuit voltage tolerance up to 277V and very good price.

External current sensor expansion module LAN-MOD-CS709 is determined for use with LAN Controller 2.0. This current sensor works based on hall effect-based linear current sensor principle. Use of a Hall Effect sensor means the current sensor is able to electrically isolate the current path from the sensor's electronics (for applications up to 277 V), which allows the sensor to be inserted anywhere along the current path and to be used in applications that require electrical isolation. Please do not exceed manufacturer's ratings and keep the manufacturers connection recommendation!

Measurement range: +/- 75A
Maximum voltage: 277V
Overcurrent Transient Tolerance: 100A for 1 pulse maximum 100 ms
Working temperature: -40 to 125 C degrees
Supply voltage: 3 - 5.5V
Typical path internal resistance: 1.1 mOhm
Board size: 20 x 18 mm

Do not exceed manufacturer's rating!

For more information check GWL technology blog support page .
Media files Specification
Power supply (V) 3 - 5,5
Lenght (mm) 22
Width (mm) 21
Max. voltage (V) 277
Max. input current (A) 75